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Cheater Halloween Contest!

Happy Halloween! In honor of our scariest holiday, I thought we could all stop stuffing our faces with chocolate for a moment and have some Halloween fun at the expense of cheaters. What's your cheater dressing as this Halloween? Sparkles the Dry Drunk Unicorn? What treats are they handing out? Razorblades stuck in the apples of matrimony? Divorce summons? Snap chat pictures of their dick? What do cheaters say on Halloween? Trick or deceit? They don't say anything, they expect the treats to just come to them. What's the difference between a zombie and someone in reconciliation? The zombie knows it's dead. Just riff on cheaters and Halloween. Most clever entry gets a signed copy of my book… and whatever miscellaneous chocolate is left over at our house so I don't eat it. Good luck my spooky chumps! Tracy … [Read More...]