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Dean McDermott “I’m Not the First Person to Ever Cheat”

Could Dean McDermott be any more predictable? Trotting out the impression management cliches of cheaters everywhere, Dean tells the press he will "not be defined" by his cheating and "I'm not a monster, I'm a human being and I messed up." "I messed up and I'm owning up to it and I'm getting help. But to label me a monster or evil is very hurtful." The self-pity card seems to be McDermott's preferred mindfuckery. "You know, I'm not the first person to ever cheat on his wife." So, hey, stop singling him out! Why is everyone picking on him? You're only making an issue of out this because he's Dean McDermott. "The affair was more about how I was feeling about myself than having an … [Read More...]